The Foundation has decided to pay tribute to the Father of the Nation on his 150 birth anniversary.

In continuation of that, the Foundation had submitted applications on 30 January 2019 to the Pala Muncipal Council to allocate space to set up the Gandhi Square and statue.

Subsequently, on February 19, 2019, the Municipal Council unanimously allocated the space for the erection of the Gandhi Square and Statue at Palai in the centre of the broad road to the Munnaani Lawyers Chamber.

Subsequently, Sri. Eby J. Jose, Chairman of the Foundation and Sri. A Nawaz, Secretary, Pala Municipality signed a contract on May 6, 2019.

The statue is being made of bronze and copper with a hieght of eight feet. The unique statue model has been conceived on the basis of a rare photograph of Gandhi sitting with his legs folded and looking at the papers. Famous sculptor and native of Ernakulam, K S Selvaraj is making the statue. Sri. Rajeesh Sasinath is managing engineering under the supervision of Sri. Babu Varghese, vice president of the Florida Engineering Board of America.