Mahatma Gandhi National Foundation

The Mahatma Gandhi National Foundation is a community-based NGO founded in the year 2000 headquartered in Pala, Kerala, with the main aim of propagating the ideals of the Father of the Nation. It was registered as K111 / 2007 in Kottayam under The Travancore-Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration Act, 1955. (ACT XII OF 1955).

The Foundation spearheads activities such as national integration, patriotism, serviceability and social engagement. What is more, the Foundation has pledged to take a stand against alcohol, emulating Gandhi, who followed the path of anti-alcoholism throughout his life. The Foundation is also actively involved in the cause of the country’s unity, integrity and secularism.

The Foundation is working hard to highlight the glory of the National Flag, National Anthem, National Leaders and Freedom Fighters in order to inspire the new generation.

The Foundation has taken stringent measures against those who defame national symbols.

Some of the works of the Foundation

  • Inspired by the Election Commission’s decision to use the image of candidates to avoid duplicates in the electoral voting machine.
  • The RBI was prompted to issue a circular against the writing of currency notes and the drafting of notes.
  • Prompted the Government to instruct the organizers to sing the National Anthem in accordance with the practices of the Indian Super League.
  • The Foundation prompted the Indian government to take diplomatic action against the Israeli company and Czech Republic company which displayed Gandhi’s image in liquor bottles.
  • Food, medicine and clothing were distributed in the flood disaster in Kerala in 2018.
  • Financial assistance was given to various flood victims in the name of Mother Nature.

The Foundation also is involved in a lot of community involvement and volunteering. These are still ongoing.